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Developing Technique

A novel approach of using live video to track user`s indoor position. A prototype system is showing in this video and porting the system to the smartphone is under investigation. (This work was done by Su Hui Lee in 2014)
The development and commercialization of augmented reality (AR) glasses in recent years have led to the possibility of exploring one’s surroundings using mobile augmented reality (MAR) browsers. However, owing to the constraints of screen resolution and mobile device size, users often suffer from issues such as cognitive overload and inconvenient interaction when using MAR browsers. To overcome these problems, this paper presents a user-behavior-driven augmented content display technique called iDisplay. First, user behaviors while using an MAR browser are modeled. A user behavior perception mechanism that infers the current state of the user by crosschecking his/her past behavior and feature data extracted from the inbuilt sensors of the AR glasses is then presented. Five augmented content display modes corresponding to the modeled user’s behavior states are designed accordingly. (This work is done by Jia-Chun Kuo(高嘉駿) in 2014)

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